The ANNUAL CLUB GIVING CAMPAIGN is The No. 1 source of income for the La.-Miss.-W.Tenn. Kiwanis District Foundation and provides the basic funding needed each year… 

          • to be able to offer grants for worthwhile Kiwanis club projects;
          • to assist with the Leadership Training Programs of our outstanding Service Leadership Organizations;
          • to award scholarships to individual Key Club and Circle K members; and
          • to operate the Foundation.

The Board of Directors of the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee Kiwanis District Foundation invites all Kiwanis clubs in the District to become “a club in good standing” with the District Foundation, by donating during the Annual Campaign with a the minimum amount of $5.00 per member. 

The ANNUAL CLUB GIVING CAMPAIGN determines much of the impact made in our District. It is the goal of the Foundation Board of Directors that 100% of the clubs in the District would participate in this annual campaign. 

The ANNUAL CLUB GIVING CAMPAIGN accepts donations from clubs throughout the year.  Start your Kiwanis Year by sending in your ACG contribution early so that it can begin to work in the District sooner.


• Banner patches will be awarded to the “clubs in good standing” by donating at or above the minimum suggested contribution of $5 per member, based on the club membership as of October 1st of this Kiwanis year.

• Per Capita Club Awards will be presented to the 3 clubs with the highest per capita donations to the ANNUAL CLUB GIVING CAMPAIGN for this Kiwanis year.


• An award is presented to each Lt. Governor if every club in his or her division contributes to the ANNUAL CLUB GIVING CAMPAIGN for the current Kiwanis year.

• A Per Capita Division Award will be presented to the one Lt. Governor whose division has made the largest per capita contribution to the ANNUAL CLUB GIVING CAMPAIGN for the current Kiwanis year.

Please use our Club Contribution Form to make your annual club donation. 

Download latest 2017-2018 Annual Club Giving Report

Download 2008-2018 ACG Donation History

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